The Village Spot

The purpose of the Village Spot is to bring twenty- and thirty-somethings into community and to link them with resources they need to thrive. This generation in particular is not attracted to the traditional church and is unlikely to visit and discover what we do at church. On the rare occasions when they do come to church they find no one of their own age group; thus we must develop an alternate approach, one with a low threshold of entry.

The Village Spot creates events (classes, bowling, yoga, movie night, volunteer opportunities, etc.) that interest this age group and will seek to meet their concrete needs by connecting them with professional, legal, and coaching help which will assist their thriving. It will simultaneously introduce them to Christians living out the gospel and engage them in relationships based on love rather than the radical individualism and competition that lead to isolation and emptiness.

Our mission is to provide resources and life solutions for and to build face-to- face community among young adults in the transitional stage of life (20’s and 30’s) who struggle with the challenges of career, relationships, and purpose so that they may thrive physically, emotionally,spiritually, and intellectually.

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