Authentic Christianity Movement

Authentic Christianity Movement’s purpose is promoting authentic Christianity, based on the teachings and life of Jesus. We live in a broken world. Brokenness infects every human related activity, including Christianity, where it has led to many divisions and countless denominations. Nonetheless, there have always been deeply committed authentic Christians and there are seeds of a growing movement towards a more authentic faith.

Authentic Christianity Movement is for those people who are already on that path or who are interested in being on the path to a genuine, deeply committed faith.


Our immediate focus is a website and a Facebook group to bring together in real unity those Christians for growing, sharing, fellowshipping, and encouraging each other. 

The websites are and (identical sites). The Facebook site is Those sites are currently in a “Pre- Public Launch Phase” as we seek more reviews and constructive input.


More than money, we are looking for people who 'catch the vision' and join the efforts, whatever their talents lie.  That can be to 'facilitate' discussions, do social-influencing, designing or spreading the graphic posts, coming up with love-project ideas or novel other ways.  We are also looking for writers, Facebook group experts, YouTube experts, and/or 'scholars' who have constructive input on how to update the content efforts as this movement goes forward.

God willing, there will be various ‘teams’ that will build/run this whole effort. Ultimately, we are also looking for partners who ‘catch the vision’ and serve as co-leaders.

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