EBLI (Evidenced Based Literacy Instruction)

Evidence Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)

Our mission is to Teach the World to Read. We envision a highly literate world where all children and adults have the ability to access the printed word through reading and writing and all teachers have the ability to effectively and efficiently teach them. For over more than 2 decades, we have trained thousands of educators and others from around the world to deliver the revolutionary, highly effective and efficient EBLI system to their students. By employing a speech-first approach to literacy instruction, EBLI provides effective mechanisms for struggling readers to decode and comprehend any text.

Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI) is a methodology used to transform the teaching and learning of reading, writing, and spelling in all 3 tiers. EBLI offers training for teachers, instruction for students, and education for parents. The benefits of EBLI include; freeing up teacher planning and instructional time, multimodal, engaging, interactive instruction, and student-facing professional development for teachers embedded in EBLI lessons. The delivery of instruction is what truly sets EBLI apart. The world class training, unmatched support, revolutionary student instruction, and built-in structure included with the online EBLI Teacher Training Camp; Student Lessons (ETSL) provides teachers the opportunity to focus on teaching. By explicitly teaching the five essential components of reading as well as handwriting, spelling, and writing, EBLI equips teachers with the necessary tools to guide students’ literacy development.

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