The Ndoto Project

Started by Hannah Lee Jones, Chrisogonas Mc'Odhiambo, and Phillip Jones in 2010 with the simple goal of sending five Kenyan friends to college and empowering them as change agents, the Ndoto Project's (website--  mission is to open doors to higher education for young people in Kenya, using technology, social media and human relationships to drive change. "Ndoto" is the Swahili word for "dream" or "vision."

In a globalized society, and with the developing world lagging behind the developed by significant margins, the project seeks to close the gap in several ways: college education (by funding the schooling of promising young leaders through a combination of donor contributions, microfinance and job training), technology, media literacy, and, through travel and international exchange, global awareness about issues affecting Africa and the world. The end goal is to cultivate educated and empowered leaders who care.

While affording program participants a college education, the project also equips and trains students with the tools they require to share their stories with the world. For many, this means rudimentary access to technology (computer and internet). Once this level of access is established, through workshops and training in blogging, photography, social media and other forms of sharing, they are given voices to inform and enlighten others outside of Africa about the personal struggles they face and the social and political issues they care about.

The Ndoto Project's long term vision is an empowered youth and a brighter and more hopeful future for Kenya, East Africa, and African civil society as a whole.

VMV is delighted to supply long term fiscal sponsorship, consulting, and administrative services to the Ndoto Project.

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