Play Global!

Play Global ( is a project that has graduated from Visions Made Viable having obtained 501c3 status and independence.  We are proud of their work because they are an innovative project that teaches baseball to coaches and youth in developing countries and areas of conflict.  They use baseball as a way to help children to see past their differences, respect others, and work as a team.  

Play Global! offers clinics for players, training for coaches, and support for baseball teams and programs. We focus on places where baseball is new, especially developing countries and areas that are dealing with social or political conflict. We believe that kids coping with daily struggles can benefit from the experience of having fun and learning together.

We send internationally experienced trainers to work with local coaches, youth, and sports organizations. We involve local contacts in the design of our programs to ensure that they are effective and culturally appropriate.  Play Global! works to broaden and sustain global baseball participation in the future.

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You can make a tax deductiblecontribution to Play Global! by sending a check payable to 'Play Global!' to:

Visions Made Viable

17595 Harvard Avenue C235

Irvine, CA 92614