CureCoin Project

Our nonprofit division, the “CureCoin Project” has donated over $48,360.61 to charities (including our Folding Office). Now you can support/donate our CureCoin Project system using tax deductible contributions – 90% of donations will directly support Curecoin Blockchain Development, Curecoin Rewarded Giving charity and computational power towards Protein Folding Research on Folding@home to help scientists study diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, HIV and other very serious genetic, viral and bacterial diseases. Additionally, thanks to blockchain technology, the resulting CureCoin and FoldingCoin tokens, exchange symbols [CURE] and [FLDC], will be used to extend the non-profit CureCoin Project Cloud Folding systems in our Denver, Colorado US facility, in addition to current funding of select charities through Visions Made Viable.

 “The CureCoin Project” has fiscal sponsorship from Visions Made Viable, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (tax ID number: 26-2214003). Fiscal sponsorship means that The CureCoin Project has legal and tax exempt status under a sponsoring organization which has agreed to offer us nonprofit status for donations administration. Our fiscal sponsor is Visions Made Viable, a 501(c)3 non-profit based in California and committed to helping seed projects launch, and many of which “spin-off” to become independent non-profits. Donation funds submitted to “CureCoin” will be sent through Visions Made Viable, who manages and oversees our finances according to our budget. 

You can make tax deductibel contributions (one-time or monthly recurring) using the DONATE button below.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to Visions Made Viable with "CureCoin Project" listed in the memo line and send it to:
Visions Made Viable, 17595 Harvard Avenue Suite C235, Irvine, California 92614.  

Contributions to or for the CureCoin project are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  The CureCoin project and fiscal sponsor Visions Made Viable provided no goods or services for your contribution.