Freed Family Missions

Thank you all for wanting to support our family as we prepare to receive quality training before heading back onto the mission field! 
We just finished serving a 6 month period in a small town in Montenegro. This was a town that was unreached, unengaged, and 98% muslim. We longed to bring these people the beautiful love of Jesus by offering them a community center where children and adults in the town could learn English, music, math, computer science, etc.  We expected to be there for 2 years, but were, unfortunately, “ran out of town” by an organized group (still unknown the exact source). 
We have now been back in the states for a few months and we are looking for ways to return to the field. After some healing emotionally and spiritually, we feel called back into the world of global missions. We long to return to Eastern Europe, but we are willing to go wherever God may call us. 
While we research, interview, and train with a new sending organization, we are in need of some daily prayers and financial support. Michael is going to be subbing in schools and we will be teaching classes or finding other forms of income during this time. However, because it most likely will only be a year back in the states, we would love any help you feel led to give while we prepare for what is next. We cannot take on full time jobs because we don’t know our training schedule yet and it will take a significant amount of time.
We are prayerfully considering returning to the field with Nazarene Global Missions, Assemblies of God World Missions, or Wesleyan Global Partners. Please pray for discernment for us!
We thank you for your help! Visions Made Viable is our fiscal sponsor and nonprofit incubator during this time. You can make  tax-deductible contributions (one-time or monthly recurring) using the DONATE button below.
If you prefer to mail a check, make it payable to Visions Made Viable with Freed Family Missions listed in the memo line and send it to:
Visions Made Viable, 17595 Harvard Avenue Suite C235, Irvine, California, 92614.

Contributions to or for Freed Family Missions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Freed Family Missions and fiscal sponsor Visions Made Viable provided no goods or services for your contribution.