Be The Change You Wish To See

Gandhi famously said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

He thought that inner spiritual change--if authentic--should and would lead to an activist life engaged in working for important community and societal change. At the same time, he thought that authentic engagement in making life better for others usually leads to inner spiritual growth. So for Gandhi, there could be no purely private spiritual growth disconnected from engagement in the world, nor could there be any authentic engagement in the world that didn't ultimately 'build on' and 'build up' inner spiritual growth. Or, in other words, becoming a better person is a key to creating useful social change, and just as true, helping create useful social change usually makes you a better person.

We're excited at Visions Made Viable to encourage this view of social change, and we're now working with over 20 projects that are--each in their own way--changing the world for the better while also changing the the individuals involved. 

That's why we're open to sponsor explicitly spiritually or religiously motivated projects too, because those projects often by definition grasp what Gandhi was getting at.

But we've found in our experience that even projects that have no particular spiritual or religious motivations end up producing spiritual growth for the folks involved. As Gandhi taught, you really can't authentically serve others and remain unchanged as a person. Doing good truly is good for you!

If you're interested in becoming a better person as you engage in serving others by creating a project, we want to talk to you. You'll find Visions Made Viable speaks your language.