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Be The Change You Wish To See

Gandhi famously said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Go Green

When we started Visions Made Viable a few years ago we hoped to support a wide variety of projects.

One area of particular interest to us from the beginning, though, was the environment.

For whatever reason we've had very few 'green' projects come our way over the past few years.

We want to go more green.

If you've got a good 'green' idea, or a nascent 'green' project underway, and want to take it to the next level by becoming a sponsored project or working toward becoming an independent nonprofit, we want to talk to you!

Do It Yourself Activism

Tens of thousands of young activists are challenging repressive regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

By all accounts, these remarkable people are acting outside of traditional organizations like political parties or old school non profits.

We think those young change agents are part of a larger trend of individuals all over the world creating their own grassroots efforts.

Columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times calls our local American version of this trend the 'DIY (Do It Yourself) Foreign Aid' Revolution.'

You're In Charge

Some folks considering fiscal sponsorship aren't sure how much control they'll retain of their project if they bring it under the 'umbrella' of Visions Made Viable.

We understand that concern. Too many of us have seen organizations and even boards of directors hijack projects from the passionate and gifted people who created them.

That's why we're committed to defending and advancing the creative and supervisory control of the social entrepreneurs who create new projects for social change.

Overcoming Obstacles To Your Vision

We wish creating important social change was as easy as coming up with a great vision and then making it happen.

But, of course, it's not.

If you've got a truly unique vision, there are probably good reasons why it hasn't been done before.

Maybe your whole concept is new and different. It takes time for people to accept new approaches and new paradigms.

Maybe you're going to upset some people or communiites by making your vision a reality. So there may be opposition and resistance.

Highly Targeted Giving

More and more projects and nonprofits are encouraging donors to support very specific aspects of a project rather than give 'general support' to the project as a whole. Many donors like the idea of knowing exactly where their monies go so highly targeted giving is becoming an important trend.

Right Time for Fiscal Sponsorship

When we started Visions Made Viable almost two years ago we were confident fiscal sponsorship was a powerful, up and coming approach to social change.

As we've grown rapidly over the last few years, we've become more convinced than ever.

We believe some important trends have converged that make fiscal sponsorship an increasingly important alternative model for making a difference.


Adventure and extreme sports have never been more popular than they are now. Or, putting it more simply, sports in general!

We think one of the more interesting trends these days is the way some folks are using sporting competitions and events as a way to publicize and support creative new efforts at social change. And even more importantly, how many significant new projects are developing from networks of fellow sports enthusiasts.

Some of us at VMV are adventure sports types, so we love this combination of our worlds!

Diverse on Purpose

People interested in our services often comment on the diversity of our sponsored projects.

Making a Difference

Ruben and Holly Gil lead Querencia, an innovative Visions Made Viable project that serves Santa Barbara's (CA) lower east side, a low income and largely Latino community in the midst of one of America's wealthiest cities.