Fiscal Sponsorship Services

Legal and Fiscal Sponsorship for Fledgling Projects

Social innovators need opportunities to establish and test their ideas in a supportive and trusting environment with the kind of legal and fiscal infrastructure that allows them to be effective. Visions Made Viable acts as the legal, non-profit home for these new ventures and provides ethical and effective financial management, thus allowing social visionaries to concentrate on the mission while receiving tax deductible contributions.

The often intimidating process of creating and overseeing a non-profit organization along with managing monies in a sophisticated way can keep social innovators from trying out new ideas. And even when they do take the risk to begin, new initiatives can often be tripped up by the hurdles of government requirements and administrative procedures that come with putting them into practice. VMV offers legal and fiscal sponsorship that eliminates those hurdles while a new project grows.

A Sophisticated Administrative “Back Office”

VMV offers a variety of administrative services including receipting, fund transfers, insurance, payroll and more. These administrative services allow new work to thrive without getting sidetracked by paperwork and minutiae. In addition, VMV’s administrative services contribute to good stewardship of money and effort by eliminating the waste of money and time that can result from many smaller non-profits attempting to set up and run—sometimes not very effectively--their own administrative systems. Creating a single, efficient administrative system that can serve a variety of projects and groups saves everybody time and money and allows more resources to be invested into new work rather than into reduplicating infrastructure.

Capacity Building Though Consulting

VMV provides limited consulting on request. While VMV fully supports the final decision making authority of social innovators over their own projects, we’re there to offer help and assistance with capacity building. We want you to succeed!

Help With “Spinning Off”

For projects that wish to become independent non-profits, when the time is right VMV provides detailed help in preparing to become independent and setting up your non-profit.