Overcoming Obstacles To Your Vision

We wish creating important social change was as easy as coming up with a great vision and then making it happen.

But, of course, it's not.

If you've got a truly unique vision, there are probably good reasons why it hasn't been done before.

Maybe your whole concept is new and different. It takes time for people to accept new approaches and new paradigms.

Maybe you're going to upset some people or communiites by making your vision a reality. So there may be opposition and resistance.

You might be tackling a problem that has been met with indifference for many years. Winning people over to the importance of solving that problem may be a big task.

And then, as always, Murphy's Law takes its toll too. Particularly early on in a project's development, it can seem like anything important that can go wrong will go wrong.

That supporter who was going to underwrite your first couple of years just ran into financial problems and can't help you. Your partner who had so much energy for your project now has health issues and won't be much help. The economy stinks, so your initial attempts at fund raising don't go the way you thought.

As you run into indifference, resistance and a variety of practical obstacles, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and quit. Many of the best projects die in the first year or two because the people trying to create them lose heart when the going gets harder than they imagined.

That's part of why we created Visions Made Viable. We've been there through the struggles of developing new work and helping others through those struggles too.

We can lend perspective and encouragement as you run into obstacles and challenges. And we can help you creatively get over or around those obstacles.

We offer a variety of administrative and consulting services to new projects, but at the deepest level we want to offer moral support to the best people we know--those taking risks do something important for others. We want to help you get through the tough patches so you can realize your dream.