Adventure and extreme sports have never been more popular than they are now. Or, putting it more simply, sports in general!

We think one of the more interesting trends these days is the way some folks are using sporting competitions and events as a way to publicize and support creative new efforts at social change. And even more importantly, how many significant new projects are developing from networks of fellow sports enthusiasts.

Some of us at VMV are adventure sports types, so we love this combination of our worlds!

Everybody knows about 5K run/walk races to support cancer cures and local golf competitions that contribute proceeds to some worthy cause. Lance Armstrong and his LiveStrong campaign have set the standard recently.

But now everybody from big wave surfers to free climbers to mountain bikers to snowboarders are using their athletic passion to create and boost new projects that make a difference.

We think there's a natural overlap between folks that enjoy creative athletic endevours and those who gravitate toward creative social change. It takes the same kind of willingness to tackle a challenge, try something new, and stick with it till you make it happen.

We'd love to see more and more folks involved in adventure and extreme sports--or any sports, for that matter--going for it by creating and supporting new social change efforts.

Maybe it means talking with the folks you mountain bike with, or surf with, or 'ball' with at the local gym about issues all of you care about. That might well turn out to be the start of a new project or nonprofit.

We're evaluating a project right now for potential sponsorship that came our way through a guy that played Division 1 collegiate socccer in the U.S. and is an expert technical climber. He talked with his soccer and climbing buddies about a way to make a difference and they came up with a project that will distribute used but top notch soccer equipment from college soccer programs to poor communities in the U.S. and the developing world. They want to help create soccer programs in communities that otherwise couldn't afford them.

Or maybe your and your friends already know a new project or nonprofit you want to support.

Get your creative juices flowing. How can you use the sports you love to help that new work get off the ground? Maybe it means starting up some kind of competition or event that raises money and publicizes the new project.

If you're a 'jock' or 'sporto' of any kind and you and your friends have ideas for new projects or ways to support existing projects, get in touch with us. We'd be glad to act as a sounding board for you and help you go for it.